Risk Management

Risk management has evolved as part of fundamental management practice to which various professional disciplines contribute to identify and subsequently manage the risk that could severely impact on or prejudice an organization, of which insurance is but one element.
The importance of fulsome and properly constituted policies can never be underestimated and needs continuous risk assessment to respond to the ever-changing global insurance landscape and good management practice.   Strict and comprehensive policy evaluation, claims review and claims management, is crucial in order to ensure that policies are not over estimated resulting in the undermining the principal objective of arranging these insurances.
Services provided by Murphy Sheehy in relation to risk management include:
Exposure Assessment
Risk Assessment
Prevention strategies
How will Murphy & Sheehy Insurance contribute to risk management within an organisation?
We will assess, participate and contribute to an organization’s risk management function by;
Leading and/or assisting with the development of a risk management function within the organization
Attend regular management and claims review meetings
Assist with the identification of insurance risk within an organization
Facilitate and undertake a thorough evaluation of an organization’s insurance portfolio in order to ensure adequacy of structure, insurer and contract language.
Identify and advise on emerging trends within the insurance risk space to which client companies might be is exposed and develop of adequate strategies designed to minimise exposure to undesirable circumstances.
The addition of other valuable disciplines which can contribute to the enhancement of the organisation’s risk management function.


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